The COVID Pandemic as a Religious Phenomenon

The biblical books, which are mainly dedicated for the description the devil’s incarnations: the book of Job, the book of Daniel and Apocalypse of John contain many bright images. This is not typical for the Bible tradition. Why these books were written as cartoons?

There is a naive notion that during the last times, the devil comes with horns and hooves, Antichrist will have long nails and will be dressed in black. However it is not so. Antichrist and the Beast 666 will look attractive, not fearful, so they will seduce almost the whole humankind and only few of people could recognize them as incarnations of Satan.

According to the Bible, the Beast of Apocalypse 666 will be a mix of the informational computerized network, the global totalitarian state and the religion (see our work “The Bible about the Beast”).

We have been witnessing for a long time a development of informational total control, ideas of the global government. But what about a religious component? We suppose the theory that today’s pandemic crisis is one of the first manifestations of a new form of religion.

The pandemic of coronavirus SARS COVID-2019 is a very unclear and bizarre phenomenon. At the first blush it is a medical and biological event, which influences on the whole world.

Passing by the name of “COVID pandemic”, this phenomenon is divided into two realities.

The one, the “small reality”, contains the real viruses, the real illnesses, the real ill people, the therapy and drugs. Nobody pays attention to this small but true reality.

And the other, the “big reality” which looks like a deceptive global spectacle and is called “Battle with pandemic”. It contains false statistics, aggressive propaganda, fomentation of fear, useless quarantines, lockdowns, restrictions of human rights, destruction of business, total surveillance, harmful vaccines. This COVID spectacle is formally justified by the pandemic but it has nothing common with the real illness and the ill people and achieves some absolutely different aims.

Conspiracy theorists have already found some interpretations of this performance:

The Economical – “the battle with pandemic” has to reset financial system of the world and decline the consuming.

The Social – to build socialistic society of total control.

The Political – to build the new world order.

The Apocalyptical – there are evident parallels between vaccination and COVID-passports and adoption of the Antichrist’s seal. So, the COVID spectacle may be a training, rehearsal of the future events from the 13th chapter of Apocalypse.   

All these interpretation of the COVID spectacle are reasoned. However, it is interesting to find out the most essential and common features of it.

Medicine and biology are sciences, but even primer analysis of the COVID spectacle demonstrates the lack of science approach and scientific rationality. We see informational terror and propaganda in media; we hear contradictory information from politicians, businesspersons, celebrities, clericals.

One of the most eminent epidemiologists of the world John Ioannidis has been defamed; his scientific works on COVID and recommendations are glossed over. On the contrary, Bill Gates decides what to do with COVID. The world listens to advices about vaccination from Lady Gaga and the Pope of Rome.

The COVID spectacle is not a Modern phenomenon. The era of Modernity, which has been lasting 500 years, was based on scientific rationality, but now it has ended and a fundamentally new reality has begun, which has completely different rules, values, and goals.

Some people paid attention that the COVID spectacle contains features of an occult ritual: the name of the virus is Corona/crown-virus; the COVID spectacle had been preceded by notorious novels, movies, serials and video-clips. Of course, many famous disasters from Titanic to Chernobyl and 9/11 have indications of occult rituals; also, the COVID spectacle has also some of them.

However, there are two substantive differences between occult disasters from the past and the COVID spectacle:

The first. All the occult disasters from the past were local, and didn’t directly concern the whole world and each man.

The second. The occult disasters from the past were ceremonies without a feedback. People were only silent spectators or passive participants without freedom of choice and activity. The locked in the hold passengers of Titanic were only fated victims. 

The COVID spectacle, however, is global and concerns everyone, and it is interactive: people have the ability not to adopt COVID propaganda; they can protest against lockdowns or reject vaccination. We see cases when even some states (Belorussia, China, Scandinavia, some states of the USA) wholly or partly rejected to participate the COVID spectacle.

Let’s look at the most general sense of the COVID spectacle. Humankind is told: there is a threat to life and happiness (a fearful virus), and here is a salvation from it (quarantine, masks and the main thing: vaccination). But for salvation, only your step is needed – to believe it and to take a step, giving consent.  
It is a model copied from the Abrahamic religions. The threat of death through the curse and the salvation from it through simple actions: faith, trust / hope, repentance.

Abrahamic theologians have noticed that a man’s sin is complicated, and before sinning, a man goes through up to five stages of the fall. But forgiveness of sins, salvation happens simply and instantly: one believed, repented and was immediately saved. The situation with the virus is similar. There are “terrible and difficult pandemic problem” and its quick solution via vaccination.

Moreover, the Abrahamic religions not only save from death, but also give the fullness of life and happiness. The current propaganda of vaccination also says that vaccination saves lives of your neighbors and gives freedom of travel, freedom and fullness of life: “vaccination macht frei”.

But what about those who do not believe and participate the COVID spectacle; who ignore quarantines and refuse vaccination (ignore the way of “salvation”)? In the Abrahamic religions, such people are called wicked, atheists, fighters against God, sinners, heretics; they are threatened with punishment, suffering and eternal oblivion.

The same is in the COVID spectacle – COVID dissidents are called deceivers, conspiracy theorists, irresponsible, guilty of the death of others, criminals, renegades. They are threatened with punishments from restricting the rights up to prison.

The very process of the development of religion is taking place in a certain way. Any religious faith of a man develops in four stages.

Neophyte. Man suddenly realizes that he believes; a religious explosion occurs and for a short time a man zealously fulfills all the practices and norms that religion requires.

Liberalization. Neophyte gets tired of overstrain, and on the other hand, he encounters the practices of other believers, usually not so zealous, and as a result, man relaxes, begins to indulge himself and makes compromises.

Liberalization also does not go on for a long time, and if man has not abandoned his faith at all, then after relaxation, he begins a very long, but not so zealous, path of improvement.

In some cases, man, after a long path of improvement, reaches a certain level of “holiness” or perfection, which makes it possible to say that man has overcome the bad in himself and cultivated good.

The COVID spectacle develops along the same path.

First, there was an explosion of panic, fear, hysteria and as a result, in the spring of 2020 there were super-severe restrictions. Factories were stopped; people were locked in their homes, etc.

Then, in the summer of 2020 a period of liberalization came. Until the autumn, quarantine almost had calmed down and returned to the past life.

The third stage came with a “new wave of pandemic” in the autumn of 2020. Quarantines are not as severe as in the spring of 2020, however rather strict and very long.

And finally, the fourth stage. It can only be achieved much later, by those who received salvation through vaccination and vaccine-passport.

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck. That is, in fact, the COVID spectacle imitates the biblical story and presents characteristics of an Abrahamic religion. This is why almost nobody pays attention on the irrationality, contradictions, illogicality, antiscientificity of the COVID spectacle. This is abnormality for the atheistic humanistic, rational culture, but it’s okay for the religious reality.  

So, we are dealing with the first manifestations of a new type of religion.  The COVID spectacle is a ritual, a mystery of some kind of religion. Many people already cannot live without the “pandemic”, if suddenly it stopped, they would feel uncomfortable. Many people are eager to get the coveted diagnosis of COVID in order to confirm their special participation in this mystery.

It is interesting to note that there is even some kind of competition between countries and corporations, including religious ones, who will deeper and longer intensify the COVID spectacle. Perhaps in this way, certain institutions prove their loyalty and jealousy in this new religion in order to take more advantageous positions in the future world order.

We still have not understood all the structure of this new type of religion, but a number of its features are already visible:

  1. Global character.
  2. The inevitability of everyone’s participation through acceptance or non-acceptance.
  3. High acceptance by people and institutions.
  4. Super-religious, inclusive, ecumenical character. This new type of religion absorbs all traditional religions without confrontation, making them its offshoots: all traditional religions of the world were and are faithful actors of the COVID spectacle.
  5. This new type of religion does not need a traditional icon and notion of a god, so it easily absorbs even agnostics and atheists.

Evidently, the COVID spectacle is the first link in the chain of initiations. There will certainly be new initiations and degrees for humanity on the path of this religious worship. Humanity does not yet know the whole mystery, this is only the first step of the initiation, this is the so called the initiation of the crown. Initiation is the acceptance of a spirit. And the higher the degree of initiation, the more spirits enter and control the initiate.

What kind of spirit? What kind of religion is this? – Let’s look at the essence of this new world religion. Here lies the main problem. Religion in general and all faith in particular, presuppose an authority. In the Abrahamic religions, this is God and His servants on the earth, inspired by the spirit of God: prophets, priests, preachers. And who is the god-authority, the god-spirit and his “earthly servants” in this new meta-religion?

It is a big mystery why people believed and accepted the COVID spectacle. The fear of virus cannot explain everything. After all, people believe not only in the fearful global “pandemic” and are afraid of it, but also devoutly believe in quarantines and vaccines and accept them as a salvation. And if it is possible to understand the belief in the COVID spectacle through fear, then why do people believe in a vaccine but not in some antiviral drugs, for example? The virus is supposedly a big problem, but why was the vaccine is believed as the only solution?

There is no clear specific authority on which the belief in the COVID spectacle is based. There is no faith without authority, but the authority is not actualized.

Who are the authorities of the COVID spectacle? – Media, big pharma, politicians, businesspersons, celebrities, clericals, dishonest doctors and scientists. However, there are many believers in the COVID spectacle in the countries, where these “authorities” have zero trust. The educated and the foolish, the doctors and the profane, the rich and the poor, the Hellenes and especially the Jews, almost all of them believe in the COVID spectacle. It is a truly religious faith, where everyone is equal in the face of an incomprehensible deity.

We will have to engage in a search for God of this new type of religion, where the authority / deity is not individualized, but even not actualized. Deity hides, but at the same time somehow influences people, causing them to have religious faith in one way or another.

We determined that since the COVID spectacle is false, then its true architect and “god” is the father of lies, – the devil. But, firstly, we determined this on the basis of an alternative, biblical picture of the world, which the overwhelming majority of mankind does not know, and secondly, the devil is hiding, not showing himself, but hiding behind something.

From the Apocalypse (chapter 17), we know that in the era of science, atheism and rationalism, (that is, in the era of Modern), the incarnation of the devil – the Beast, is hiding behind the non-religious civilization “the Babylonian harlot”. But when Babylon and the age of Modern will suffer a crisis and decay, which we are now beginning to observe, the Beast will not immediately receive power, because for a certain time it will be taken by ten horns of the Beast – ten kingdoms. That is, the authority, the deity of this new super-religion, the mystery of which is the COVID spectacle, is already beginning to act, but so far it cannot appear directly. The Beast 666, which is an incarnation of the devil, hides until the culmination of the last times: firstly in the depth of sea, then under the Babylonian harlot, then behind the ten kingdoms. It will directly appear for a short time in the future (see more in our work “The Structure of the Biblical History”).

We are at the end of the global materialistic, atheistic, humanistic, consumeristic and rationalistic civilization, which in the Revelation of John is called “Babylonian harlot”. The next big apocalyptic époque will be the Beast 666 with the false prophet – Antichrist.  However, according to the prophesies, between these big époques, there will be a transitive, transformative period. This is the époque of ten horns of the Beast or ten kingdoms. According to the Revelation, these ten kingdoms will destroy the global civilization of Babylonian harlot. These ten states however will reign for a short period and take their reigns to the global Beast 666.

The main difference between the global civilization of Babylonian harlot and the global civilization of Beast 666 is that Babylonian harlot is unreligious, but the Beast 666 is religious.

Hence, the transitive époque of ten kingdoms (which is sometimes called the “Age of Aquarius”) has the main aim to prepare the humankind to accept the Beast 666 and so to transform people from atheism, consumerism and rationalism to religious state. The COVID spectacle, which as we have determined is the religious ritual and mystery, is, therefore, the first big step of this transition.

The époque of Babylon harlot (Age of Modern) did a terrible thing: it destroyed a traditional religiosity in humankind. The traditional religiosity was complex and gave a man a comprehensive picture of the world. Then, the Babylon whore temporarily replaced religion with the rational science. And when the Age of Modern ends and the rational science become non-essential for man, he is offered a new, simplified, perverted type of religion.

A religion without a clear understanding of the deity. Previously, it would have been nonsense, but the Babylon harlot has brainwashed people that they will behave religiously in relation to clearly non-religious things; they will believe in a deity that they do not see and do not know.

Since humanity has believed in the COVID spectacle, it means that the devil has gained access to every kind of authority on earth. The devil controls politicians, doctors, clericals, media. Also, through temptations, he controls every man who does not know the true God. The devil has found an approach to everyone. In other words, the devil has built and controls the Matrix, which replaced the reality for humankind. Now we see how this Matrix works in the case of the COVID spectacle. It simulates pseudo-religious reality or in other words – the religion of a new type.

This new religion will not really be called as “religion” in the traditional meaning of this term, and its deity will not be called as “god”. People will accept it as a string of global events: today the COVID spectacle and the adoption of the vaccine; tomorrow maybe the invasion of the Martians; the day after tomorrow – the creation of a world state “for the good of all people”, when each man needs to get a stigma of the Beast 666. The each next level of initiation will be easier for humanity to accept than the COVID spectacle. With each level, the devil will more and more capture a man in the network of his new religion, until the Beast of Apocalypse arises.

Therefore, the formal and open worshiping the devil with horns and hooves will not take place, but this will be expressed in various socio-political and cultural actions, but in fact in ersatz rituals and mysteries.

That is why the Apocalypse is written as cartoons, in such detail and colorfully. People will think that they live correctly and righteously, live like a Christian, and at the same time, in reality, will participate in the Satanic religion. Babylon has built a brainwashing Matrix, and now people, without a biblical worldview, will religiously worship all kinds of things, even a virus with vaccines, but they do not even understand this.

So, let’s be vigilant and don’t permit to beguile us into a false sense.

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