The Christ Dates, an Alternative View

When we researched the apocalyptic chronology, we took generally accepted dates as a basis for synchronization with the official chronology (see our works here, and here): Crucifixion approximately 30 AD, and the destruction of the Second Temple... Read more »

An Attempt of Reconstruction of the Chronology of Christian Era

In our interpretation of the Daniel’s and John’s prophecies concerning dating of the Last times, we noticed that official historical chronology needs to be revised. Here we are going to do it and... Read more »

The Biblical Apocalyptic Chronology

Faithful Christians have always been interested in the time of the end of this world and the beginning of the New world of Jesus Christ. We do not know the precise date: “But of... Read more »

The Seven Great Councils of Elohim

In all cases, Gog speaks and acts from His Name in the singular. But there are several cases in the Bible when God speaks of Himself in the plural. At the most... Read more »

The chiastic structure of the world history according to the Bible

In the Bible the history is divided into some eras, each of them has its own characteristic features, so that these epochs and their sequence cannot be confused. After the Creation, human... Read more »