The Covid pandemic in the context of the Apocalypse of John

We have two main estimates from the biblical point of view concerning the Covid pandemic, Covid-fascism, mass vaccination, Covid-passports and Covid-segregation. The First. All the covid events are based on total lie... Read more »

The COVID Pandemic as a Religious Phenomenon

There is a naive notion that during the last times, the devil comes with horns and hooves, Antichrist will have long nails and will be dressed in black. However it is not... Read more »

The Renaissance sense of the Unicorn myth

In the middle of the twentieth century, the art world was shaken by a sensation. X-ray examination of the icon of the saint Catherine of Alexandria by an unknown author, unveiled that... Read more »

The Bible about the Beast

In the center of the chiastic religious history of the world, the most important thing is the Beast. This is the heart of the story. Read more »

The structure of Apocalypse

We have already unveiled the chronology and structure of the apocalyptic events (see our works “The Biblical Apocalyptic Chronology”, “An Attempt of Reconstruction of the Chronology of Christian Era” and “The Structure of the... Read more »