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The Christianity puts a Man in a very difficult position. A Christian lives in this world and, at the same time, he must be not of the world, but of the Kingdom of heaven. The God is the King of the Kingdom of heaven. The Prince of this world is Satan.
Accordingly, the basis of the kingdom of God is the truth, because the God is Truth. The main characteristic of Satan is that he is “the father of a lie”. Thus, the basis of this world is lie.
When Satan, via the fall of man, got the power over the world, then he by his lie turned this world into something like a Matrix from the well-known film. Therefore, such a satanic world-matrix of lie becomes for people as a slave bonds. Otherwise, the kingdom of God is based on the Truth, which «makes people free».
The God has gifted to people a unique ability to live in the Matrix while not being a slave or a component of this Matrix. A true Christian lives in the Matrix, but he is free, and the Matrix does not have the power over him. It is achieved by means of the God’s gifts, the first of which is the Revelation of the Bible (and of course the faith in this Revelation).
The Holy Scripture gives to Man a true knowledge of the God, Man, angels and relations between each other. In addition, the Holy Scripture gives the knowledge of creating, structure and the whole history (past and future) of the Universe.
This Holy Scripture is not only a set of texts but also a special language for the transfer of meaning and approaches to interpretation. 
The world also has his own set of knowledge — the so called «devil’s/worldly/matrix/Babylon wisdom» which includes esoteric knowledge, language, philosophy, history and science. The source of this knowledge is Devil and the essence is lie. In spite of the considerable quantity and high diversity of worldly wisdom, it has a common basis.
During the whole history, God’s and devil’s kinds of wisdom compete with each other. Babylon wisdom eagers to infiltrate into the perception of the Bible and therefore replace it.
The Babylon wisdom almost got this. The Scriptures are being interpreted and percepted by means of worldly language, philosophy and science. In other words, the Revelation from God is percepted by the instruments of Satan and the words of God are being tailored to the matrix knowledge — language, philosophy, history and science.
The Holly Scripture does not need exterior confirmations and reasoning. It includes its own means of interpretation and perception. 
Ultimately, the challenges before us are:
to discover the essence of the native biblical language and means of interpretation;
to discover the essence and mechanisms of the Satanic matrix;
to represent the structure and sense of the Biblical history;
to represent the basics of the biblical cosmology.


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