The Covid pandemic in the context of the Apocalypse of John

We have two main estimates from the biblical point of view concerning the Covid pandemic, Covid-fascism, mass vaccination, Covid-passports and Covid-segregation. The First. All the covid events are based on total lie and falsehood. All what is said to us about the origin of the virus, about the rationale...

The COVID Pandemic as a Religious Phenomenon

The Renaissance sense of the Unicorn myth

The Bible about the Beast

The structure of Apocalypse

The Structure of the Biblical History

The chronological structure of biblical history from the beginning of the world to its end is defined in two ways. The first one is the numerical chronology and dates of the most important events. We have already written a lot about chronological dating (see our works “The Biblical Apocalyptic Chronology”, “An Attempt of Reconstruction...

The Christ Dates, an Alternative View

An Attempt of Reconstruction of the Chronology of Christian Era

The Biblical Apocalyptic Chronology

The Basis of Biblical Chronology (Video)

The chiastic structure of the world history according to the Bible

Woman According to the Bible

Most men believe that a woman is a man without a penis; that she behaves like a man, only with the peculiarities of the so-called "female logic”. This mistake does not allow us adequately to understand the problem of women and their relationships with men.

The Biblical Definition of Man

Jerusalem and Babylon

The Seven Great Councils of Elohim